2024 Packaging Design

From the makers of Napa Valley's iconic Beaulieu Vineyard, Tapestry is a celebration of the unique terroir of Paso Robles, brought to life through the art of the blend. Through custom illustrations and typography, its label design reflects just that. Flora and fauna native to the region seamlessly weave together the story of California's Central Coast, while gracefully intertwining grape vines and leaves symbolize the harmonious blend of select grape varieties that compose the wine itself. Each element contributes to a visual and tactile tapestry that pays homage to the region's captivating biodiversity.

As the brand prepared for its debut in the market, branding and design firm Makers & Allies devised a strategic social media plan, ensuring a clear vision for photo and video and a successful launch. In the studio, lush styling and high-end props highlight the artful nature and premium quality of the wine, embodying the brand's ethos of "The Art of The Blend." Outside of the studio, lifestyle content brings the brand to life by embodying its new tagline "Weave Your Story." Ongoing monthly social media management elevates Tapestry's presence for those seeking validation and plans to captivate new drinkers with brand awareness.