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2022 Virtual Session Videos

Using Data Analytics to Optimize DTC Pricing and Inventory Depletion

Maximizing Holiday Sales; The Data Tells Us When, and How

The Evolution of the New Luxury Consumer

The Roadmap for Tapping into the Corporate Sales Opportunity

2021 Virtual Sessions

State of the Wine Market & Wholesaler News

Small Producers & Large Distributors - A Winning Combination

Staying Ahead of the Curve - A Peek Into Wine Tech of the Future

How to Integrate DTC and 3-tier Practices for a Stronger Future

Using Data Analytics to Build a Stronger Wine Business

Three Pillars of DTC Wine Sales Success

2019 Session Audio & Slides

Evolution of the Wholesale Channel, Innovation Driven by Demand

Understanding the Distributor Mindset

Win Win Distributor Negotiations

New Product Launch, Expanding Your Market

Getting Your Fair Share of Attention, and More!

The Changing Nature of Market Visits

Planning for the Future; Success is Not an Accident