2024 Wine Club Marketing

Firstleaf, a direct-to-consumer wine company that employs machine learning and complete vertical integration to create customized wines and provide risk-free wine exploration, launched its End of Endless Campaign in September 2023. A 360 campaign, it started with television and expanded out to all brand touchpoints.

The campaign’s main character, Jennifer, is an average wine consumer navigating the often confusing and overwhelming wine store. Two television spots highlight the journey a typical wine drinker takes while in the store, underscoring the internal pressures individuals experience when attempting to choose a wine they'll enjoy, showcasing the everlasting range of options and the intimidating and unconventional wine terminology to exert external pressure, all to settle on a suitable bottle.

Firstleaf’s goal is to take the guesswork out of wine exploration. Its exclusive AI-platform enables the company to provide personalization for every consumer, tailoring their wine selections to evolving preferences. As members rate wines, Firstleaf's system refines their unique “Wineprint.” The outcome is a shipment of wines perfectly matched to each member's distinct tastes.